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Flyfisher's Paradise has had a long standing tradition of offering quality fly fishing instruction. Thousands of students have learned to fly fish and cast from the very best of instructors who are dedicated to sharing their craft with novice and advanced fisherman alike.

Whether you are looking for a group class to participate in or one on one instruction Flyfisher's Paradise continues to deliver a great selection of learning opportunities. Our current lead instructor, Dennis Charney is an FFF Certified casting instructor with years of experience guiding and teaching fly fisherman through our store and privately as well as teaching at the Joan Wulff School of Fly Fishing.

Class sizes are kept small to insure the very best experience possible for out students. Explore our great class opportunities for 2012, or contact us for private group or personalized instruction.

Presentation 2015

Good fly presentation is the key to successful dry fly fishing. This intermediate to advanced class will focus on learning specialty casts and techniques to improve your fly presentation. Topics demonstrated and taught will include slack line casts, aerial mends and casts to improve your drag free drifts.

Cost $75.00

3 Hour class
Offered April 25th

Casting 2015

Ideal for the beginner to intermediate anglers, this class is a great way to establish a solid technique and understanding of fly casting. As a student, you will learn from staff instructor Dennis Charney the basic casts and techniques necessary to begin or improve your fly fishing experience.


Cost $75.00

3 Hour class
9:00am to 12:00pm
Offered April 25th

Trout School 2015

This is our full day introductory class to fly fishing. It will introduce the beginner and intermediate anglers to the basic elements fly fishing for trout. Staff instructor Dennis Charney will teach casting techniques, nymph and dry fly tactics, leader design, knots, basic entomology and fly selection, reading water and presentation.

Cost $200

Offered April 11th and June 20th 
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Pennsylvania fishing license with trout stamp required

Nymphing Techniques 2015

Developing your skills as a nymph fisherman on the streams on central Pennsylvania is the best thing fly fisherman can do to improve his or her catch rate. Dennis Charney our staff instructor will introduce you to the essentials to subsurface techniques. Included in this 5 hour class are casting techniques for nymphing, basic entomology and how it applies to fly selection, rigging, weighting and strike indicators as well as reading the water and various nymphing techniques.

Cost $125.00

Offered April 4th, April 18th
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Pennsylvania fishing license with trout stamp required