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Big Fishing Creek Report

My old business partner and angling friend, Dan Shields, fished on Fishing Creek on Tuesday morning, looking for a few Green Drake feeders and a little solitude. It was peaceful, but Dan reported only one decent fish landed and not much going on. I visited the steam on Wednesday afternoon to get a feel for the drake hatch. There were no Coffinflies in the trees or over the water below the Narrows or in the lower sections of the Narrows. It was almost a mile up until I saw the first Coffinlfies hanging on riparian leaves, and most of the angling pressure was in the vicinity of the Lock Haven camp. If you want to see the drakes on Fishing Creek, get there soon.

Once the drakes end, look for remnant Sulphurs (orange #18), Slate Drakes, and Yellow Sallies. I've done well fishing large carpenter ants to the banks in summer, and midges work well in the slack water. Stone fly nymphs, Slate Drake nymphs, wet ants, and Green Weenies all take fish beneath the surface.