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Penns Creek Report

A customer informed us that he encountered a significant Green Drake hatch last Thursday at Glen Iron.  I did a grand tour of Penn's Creek on the afternoon of Wednesday, 27 May.  At Glen Iron, where the Green Drakes starts, I saw only a pair of Coffinflies over the water and none in the riparian vegetation.  I failed to find a single drake at Weikert. Far upstream at Coburn, the leaves were crawling with Coffinflies.  It appears that the unseasonably warm weather has pushed the hatch along quickly.  If you want to sample this megahatch on Penn's Creek this year, I would recommend you do it sooner rather later and that you concentrate on the water near Coburn.

After the Green Drake concludes, there are still good hatches to fish on this productive stream.  Cahills, Slate Drakes, and large Blue-winged Olives are still to come. And, of course, nymphing is always good.


Penns Creek Stream Gauge