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Penns Creek Report

It was a really tough summer for the trout in Penn's Creek. The combination of very hot weather and extremely low water was a perfect storm of the worst sort for the finny residents of this popular stream. Things got bad enough that DEP actually posted several tributaries that serve as cold water refuge areas for imperiled trout. Hopefully, their timely action and the discretion of anglers saved as many fish as possible. Some mortality, however, was almost inevitable.

Fishing this fall may still be an "iffy" proposition. Although water temperatures have undoubtedly improved as the weather has cooled, the fish usually do not redistribute themselves until they run to spawn in November. Essentially, that means that long sections of water may well be devoid of fish. The corollary is that they will remain clustered around sources of cool water like springs and seeps. The result is often inconsistent or spotty angling.


Penns Creek Stream Gauge