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Penns Creek Report

I visited Penns Creek at two key spots on Wednesday afternoon, 15 April.  At Glen Iron, about six miles downstream of Weikert, the stream had good flow and was limestone green.  There were a dozen or so Grannom caddis in the air, and there were also a few adult stone flies.  Upstream at Coburn Penns Creek was about in the same shape. Only a few adult stones were present.

Judging by what I saw today, it will be a week or so until the Grannoms start with any intensity.  The long, cold winter is manifesting itself in an early season more akin to the timetables of 25 years ago rather than the emergence schedules of the last decade of warm winters and springs.  Count on nymphs and streamers to be far more effective than hatchmatching for the near run.


Penns Creek Stream Gauge