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Penns Creek Report

This has been a great summer for Penn's Creek.  Consistent rainfall has the stream flowing strongly and most importantly, cold.  The last morning I was on Penn's Creek, the water was downright chilly.  Experienced Penn's Creek anglers know that this is far from the norm for this stream in summer.  Hopefully, continued good precipatation will keep the water within the comfort levels of its fine brown trout.

The morning I was on the stream, fishing was excellent using a tandem rig of a Bead Head Green Weenie, trailed by a wet ant.  About equal numbers of fish took each fly.  This has been a particularly good year for the production of green inchworms, some of which are nearly two inches long.  Other nymphs to try include Isonychia and Perla Nymphs.

Since the flow of water was so strong when I was on the stream, I had little incentive to think about dry flies, although I did see a few little guys on top.  Fishing Carpenter Ants and floating inchworms along the banks seem to be a sound strategy, and hatchmatchers can look for Slate Drakes in the evening (or on cloudy days) and little Blue Quills in the morning.  In the Coburn area, Tricos also hatch well.


Penns Creek Stream Gauge