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Walt's Worm

Walt's Worm was originated by and named after former FFP employee Walt Young of Altoona, PA. The pattern first hit the FFP fly bins around 1988-1990, and it has been a staple ever since. It fishes well just about anywhere I've used it, but it excels on Central PA's big four limestoners--Spring, Fishing, and Penn's Creeks and the Little Juniata River. We believe it suggests a crane fly larva, but it also produces well when flies like March Browns and Perla stoneflies are hatching.

It is ironic that such a homely fly pattern is named after a very talented fly tier. In fact, Walt has won several PA state tying titles. Humble and ugly or not, the Walt's Worm looks beautiful sticking out of the mouth of a nice trout!

The fly is simplicity itself to tie, consisting of nothing more than a cigar-shaped body of hare's ear fur. A bead can be added if desired. Tying the fur body in layers increases the pattern's durability, and teasing it out aggressively adds to its effectiveness.


Hook: Tiemco #5262 or Dai-ichi #1710, #8-18
Thread: 6/0 or 3/0 tan
Weight: .020" lead wire for #8-10, .015" lead wire for #12-16, .010" lead wire for #18
Body: Hare-line #4 or Hare's Ear Plus #1, tied cigar-shaped and picked our aggressively

Walt's Worm