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Spring Creek Report

Two inches of much-needed rain last week, followed by some light showers this week, have finally raised Spring Creek's flow.  Some of the nasty algae that complicates nymphing so much left with the higher water, setting the stage for better fishing and much-improved conditions for the spawn.  The increased flows have helped to lift fishing out of the doldrums, and numerous anglers have reported better catches this week.

Hartches have diminished to #20 BWOs and #16 tan caddis, but there have been few rising fish.  I spent quite a bit of time "road-fishing" Spring Creek yesterday, 22 October, and saw nary a fish rise in many good locales.  There just do not seem to be enough flies to entice the fish to the surface.  Nymphs, especially #16-18 olive scuds, have been by far more effective.  As hatches continue to wane for the season,  it will be even more important to focus on fishing under the surface.  Sowbugs, shrimp (scuds), and midge larvae will match most of what the trout see

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