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Spring Creek Report

Fishing in Central PA has been a real crapshoot over the last 5-6 weeks.  After a late spring during which it almost never rained, summer has followed with rain seemingly all the time, with some really hard shots that pretty much rendered local waters unfishable.  Indeed, more often than not, even Spring Creek has had visibility measured in mere inches, and it's taken more than a day or two for the water to clear.  Trying to maintain updated stream conditions during these times is virtually impossible.

For instance, Spring Creek was clear and fishable Friday, but Saturday morning saw two absolutely viscious thunderstorms that muddied the water and pushed it almost out of its banks.  By Sunday morning it was looking a bit better--until Sunday night brought another shower. Fast forward to this afternoon.  Once again, Spring Creek has cleared nicely, but will it rain again tonight?  And it has been far worse on larger watersheds like the Little Juniata and Penn's Creek!

If there is anything that we can say about the fishing is that the streamer and nymph fishing has been excellent, the dry fly fishing not so much.  Another positive is that waters adversely impacted by hot weather (Penn's Creek and the Little Juniata) are getting a reprieve this season.  Finally, whether we like it or not in our restricted, egocentric, "anglercentric" world view, the fish are having a great summer.

Spring Creek Stream Gauge