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Spring Creek Report

It has rained often over the last ten days, but the total accumulation has been inadequate to increase stream flow in Central PA. Central PA streams are still low and clear. There is a misting drizzle as I update this report, and once again, there will probably be little change in the way Spring Creek looks or fishes. Yesterday, I made the mistake of passing up a perfectly good cloudy morning to tie. I should have fished when the cloud cover was on hand. When I hit the stream below the Paradise around 12:30, the bright sun made the fish spooky. I took three fish on wet ants, but I spooked many more than that trying to get into position to cast. The bottom line is that we still need a great deal of precipitation to help the fish and the fishing.

Perhaps the most important thing I observed in two hours of fishing yesterday was significant numbers of Blue-winged Olives. In the bright sun the fish were far less impressed than I was. Cooler, wetter weather would have kept the duns on the water longer and have prompted more trout to rise. The onset of this hatch is usually a good sign of better fishing on the way. Baetis hatches well on every limestoner in central PA, and with the current lack of water, they should eat it well.

Another factor to consider is that we have yet to have a frost. Until we do have an evening below 32F, terrestrial fishing will remain good. Crickets still sing every evening, and there are hoppers in the grass. Ants continue to work when the air temperatures go above 60F in the afternoon. Lady bugs will be around later in the month, so don't put away your terrestrial box just yet. Lastly, in addition to Baetis, there will be remnant Slate Drakes for a week or two on the streams other than Spring Creek. 

22 October----------Ohio State
5 November---------Iowa
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