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Spring Creek Report

This summer has been more a continuation of spring than a typical hot, hazy, humid summer.  To be sure, there have been periods of hot weather that have been uncomfortable, but far more common have been temperate days with cloudy or rainy conditions.  Spring Creek and Penn's Creek have gotten plentiful precipitation that has them flowing far above normal levels.  In fact, Penn's Creek is still running quite well and even cold. 

By contrast, the Little Juniata and Fishing Creek are at about usual flows for summer.
Spring Creek has been great fun lately if you like to nymph.  My favorite fly combination in June and July has been a #12-14 Bead Head Green Weenie, trailed by a #12-14 Wet Black Ant.  Due to heavy shower activity, I have even taken numerous fish using #6-8 Black Sculpins cast along the banks.  On tougher days, I have had to drop a fly size or two and go from 4X to 5X.  Olive Scuds, sowbug patterns, and Zebra Midges have also been of use
Dry fly action has been somewhat slow.  Since Tricos have begun in the last week, however, perhaps that will change. Even ants and beetles, normally productive terrestrials on Spring Creek, have gone begging for the most part.  Other than Tricos the only aquatic insects of importance are tiny (#24-28) ginger midges.  Look for these tiny chironomids in the evening


Spring Creek Stream Gauge