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Spring Creek Report

After a cold, dry winter, we are experiencing a cool, wet spring.  As this update is prepared rain, hard at times, has been falling for the last eighteen hours.  The precipitation is beginning to get Central PA waters back up to levels more in acccord with the season, but streams still fall quickly after the rain stops.  It's a good thing that the rain is coming, since trees and bushes are ready to burst out in buds. At that point vegetation really starts to pull water out of the ground.

The cool start to April has also stretched out the midge and Baetis hatches on local streams.  I was on Spring Creek around Route 550 Wednesday afternoon, April 8.  About 3 PM the surface was covered with flotillas of BWOs and the smaller Diptera.  Because the air was a chill 44F, the little flies just could not get off the water.  Trouble was, the mallards appreciated them much more than the trout.  I saw three fish rise a time or two, but their feeding activity was not commensurate with the number of flies.  I plugged away with nymphs, and that was not much better.  Water at normal strong spring flows just does not encourage the fish to rise.  Also, water temperatures have been struggling to hit 50F, and that does not help.

For now at least, larger nymphs and streamers will suit conditions better than things that match the Baetis.  Pick flies that match the water levels and clarity best, not to suit some preconceived notion of what the trout should be eating or what worked well the last time you fished.

Spring Creek Stream Gauge