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Spring Creek Report

Despite frequent rain storms moving through Central PA, our streams have held their own and have remained in relatively good condition. To be sure, flows are significantly better than last year, and that has to be considered a real plus after last summer's brutal heat and drought. Only the Little Juniata has been really out of the question the last few days.
Spring Creek continues to have good Sulphur hatches, almost surprisingly so in light of the early (late April) start to the emergence this season. I would expect another week or so of good hatches, primarily of the smaller #16 dorotheas, until it wanes for the year. Caddisflies and crane flies will remain throughout the summer at various intervals. It's also time to dust off the terrestrial box, and nymphs work all year. Add wet ants and Zebra Midges to the normal sowbug and scud menu for the warm season.



Spring Creek Stream Gauge