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Spring Creek Report

All streams in Central PA have gotten a shot in the arm due to recent rainfall. Water levels were very low all spring, but it is good to see additional flow heading into the hot months. And the hot weather has arrived entirely too soon, pushing the popular spring hatches along far quicker than most of us would like. It is time to begin thinking about mid-season hatches like Cahills, Slate Drakes, large BWOs, and even terrestrials. Summer has arrived early this year.

Spring Creek is in much better shape than it was only a week ago. The stream is still a bit low for my tastes, but it continues to fish very well indeed. Sulphurs are probably on the down side of their emergence for this year. It is time to begin thinking about what the trout will do for the rest of the season. For nymphs go back to basics like sowbugs, shrimp, and Zebra Midges. Add wet ants and Green Weenies to that mix, too. On the surface caddisflies and crane flies will persist throughout the summer, but supplement them with ginger midges, ants, and beetles. The Sulphurs may be winding down, but the trout do not stop feeding on Spring Creek.




Spring Creek Stream Gauge