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Spring Creek Report

Spring Creek remains low and clear, even after a fair amount of rain fell during December. With no significant moisture on the horizon, it should stay that way.Nymphing will produce more fish, more often for most of the cold months. Sowbugs, shrimp, and Zebra midges make the most sense in terms of pattern selection. Add an attractor like a Bead Head Pheasant Tail or a Bead Head Fox Squirrel Nymph for a change of pace.The major winter hatch nearly every where in Central PA will be tiny #24-28 dun-winged black Diptera. These little midges are called "snow flies" in the West; on particularly cold days they can be seen crawling over the snow to get off the water, since their wings are too cold for flight. Do not let their miniscule size fool you into thinking they are unimportant. Far from it! I have landed fish up to 17" on matching imitations, and foot-long browns rising steadily to winter midges are not unusual. Midges usually hatch during the warmest part of the day, a great trait for warmblooded anglers.Good cold weather gear is essential for winter fishing. Dress in layers that allow you to remove some if you get too warm, for instance while walking. A hat not of the baseball variety or a hood keeps a great deal of body heat inside. And fish within close proximity to your car. If you take a dip in the summer, it is inconvenient. The same dip in the winter can be life-threatening if the walk to your vehicle is prolonged.

Spring Creek Stream Gauge