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Spring Creek Report

All the streams in Central PA are low and clear on Wednesday, 19 May, due to a low precipitation winter and spring to date and the full leafing out of trees and other vegetation.  Although flows are by no means critical, extra rain would be nice heading into the hot months.  Due to current low water, streams are just about ideal for throwing dry flies.  Pampered fish that have almost too much to eat rise better when there is less water to move through.

Spring Creek looks good, although more water would be great.  In the last week Sulphurs have begun in earnest, and most anglers have reported good surface action.  Tan caddis have been prolific as well, and they fill in the off hours until the Sulphurs hatch.  Caddisflies live quite a while as adults since they can take in water.  Fish elk hair ties under riparian vegetation, just like an ant or beetle.  As always most of the truly good fish are taken by fishers willing to ignore the smaller surface feeders and focus on nymphing.

Spring Creek Stream Gauge