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Spring Creek Report

Recent rains have benefited Spring Creek, although it was in decent shape due to abundant rain earlier in the summer.  Water levels and temperatures are excellent going forth into autumn.

Fishing for most of the summer has been primarily a nymphing affair.  The only issues were about the size of the tippet and fly, not the method.  Regular producers like sowbugs, shrimp, and wet black ants have been the ticket on most visits I've made to the creek.  When the water has dropped, Trico soft hackles and Zebra Midges have come into play.

Lately Trico fishing has been more productive than earlier in the summer.  The little spinners fall later in the morning (and even in the afternoon) as the weather cools, so do not give up on them if it's 10 AM and you do not see them.  Despite their small size, Trikes are the most abundant prey on  the surface, and even good fish will sometimes come to the top to eat them.

Terrestrial fishing on the surface has been a bit disappointing this summer. The trout in Spring Creek normally begin to eat ants and beetles with avidity just after the conclusion of the Sulphurs.  This season, due to abundant rainfall in the early summer, the browns focused on the bottom, not on ants and beetles on the top. They never got in the terrestrial habit, even when the stream dropped and cleared.

Until the Blue-winged Olives begin in October, fishing will remain much the same. An additional factor needs to be considered when planning weekend trips to Central PA, however--the PSU home football schedule.  When Penn State plays at home in Beaver Stadium, lodging is scarce, restaurants are crowded, and travel to and within the area is difficult.  PSU plays at home on the following dates:

Sept. 19----Rutgers
Sept. 26----San Diego State
Oct. 3-------Army
Oct. 10-----Illinois
Nov. 21-----Michigan

Spring Creek Stream Gauge